Articling is crucial for law students, who have to complete their academic training with a professional training. The recruitment of articling students at Pasquin Viens is very important because it allows us to continue to pass on the firm to the next generations. We offer an articling periods of six consecutive months, with the possibility of an additional six months, for students who successfully completed the professional training courses of the Quebec Bar school. Articling involves learning the competencies related to the practice of the profession, in conformity with the law and the regulations of the Bar, including the analysis of files, drafting proceedings and documents, pleadings before the Court and other entities, preparing files for hearings and conducting research of all kinds. The articling is done in a work structure specifically tailored to the articling students and equipped with computer access to the databases, court dockets and other information. Furthermore, our impressive library contains all the important publications which are useful and necessary for the practice of law at our firm. The articling students who are hired are sure to receive comparable remuneration to that of other law firms in the Montreal region.

Process to follow

With your request for an articling position, you must also provide us with your résumé and a copy of your grades or academic results obtained during your studies to obtain a law degree as well as the results of your Bar exam. You must send everything to the attention of Me Lucie B. Tétreault by email or by fax. Your articling request, duly completed, will be carefully studied and you will receive a prompt response.