Our origins

Our legal firm is older than a century.

Its origins go back to Me Joseph-Cléophas Lamothe, who was sworn in to the profession in 1894. Me Émilien Gadbois c.r. and Me Maréchal Nantel c.r. joined him in 1914. When Me J.-C. Lamothe passed away in 1937, Me Jean-Pierre Charbonneau c.r. became the principal partner in the firm, which he was a member of since 1918. With his brother Népol, who was with the firm since 1924, they created the law firm Charbonneau, which was Charbonneau & Charlebois until Me Jean-Léon Charlebois c.r.’s passing in 1953. Me Robert Pagé c.r., who was part of the firm since 1947, became the principal partner of the firm in January 1956 not long after his brother was nominated to the Superior Court. Following these events, the firm became Pagé, Beauregard & Duchesne, since Me Jean Duchesne c.r. was also already part of the team since 1951 and Me Jules Beauregard c.r. joined them until his nomination to the Superior Court in 1975.

Over the years, the new generations have always continued to carry on the firm. Me Gilles Y Renaud was an articling student in 1956 and eventually became a partner in the firm until he was appointed a judge of the Superior Court in 1979. Me Michel Desmarais, who was with the firm since 1964, remained as the head of the firm following the retirement of Me Robert Pagé and Me Jean Duchesne in 1991. The firm carried on with the name of Desmarais, Picard, Garceau, Pasquin until the passing of Me Michel Desmarais in 1999. The name then changed to Picard Garceau Pasquin Pagé Viens and, since the retirement of Me Paul Picard in 2004, the departure of Me Philippe Pagé in 2008 and the passing of Me Michel Garceau in 2010, the name is now Pasquin Viens.

For over fifty-five years, we have focused our firm on being mainly dedicated to clients in the insurance field while retaining corporate clients, professionals and individuals.